Supporting and Strengthening Families

Located in the heart of Miramar, Wellington, The Family Space is a playcare centre that strives to support and strengthen the families in our community. With its focus on building relationships, The Family Space offers a safe and friendly environment where family life is encouraged and nurtured. Our playgroups are informal, relaxed and a great way to meet other families.

Our Values


Our Venue

The Family Space is a child and family friendly space that is located in the heart of Miramar at:

The Family Space is available for hire by groups and organisations that share in the values and objectives that are consistent with our mission:

   Supporting and Strengthening Families   

There is a zero smoking and alcohol policy.

Please get in touch to discuss terms and conditions and hireage rates.


Our Partner

The Family Space is a ministry initiative from Gateway Baptist Church, Miramar. The Church looks for ways it can support The Family Space and the families it engages. This involves helping facilitate social evenings, inputting into the vision and direction, providing helpers at playgroups and building supportive relationships with families to help make The Family Space a warm and friendly environment.


Our History

The Family Space was established by Gateway Baptist Church in 2007 with the intent to support and strengthen families in our community.  We aimed to do that through providing our own services, and by helping families access social services that are provided by other agencies in the community.  Since then The Family Space has consistently provided playgroups that are facilitated by a skilled staff-worker, including a Dad's playgroup (now called 'Saturplay' and open for all parents/caregivers), music and drama playgroups, and a caregivers'/ grandparents' playgroup.


In the past The Family Space has also employed a Community Worker, who connected families to a variety of community agencies and also acted as an advocate for families in discussions with government agencies.  The Family Space also employed staff to run OSCAR, an after-school programme, which operated for over a year. 


Other services we have provided in the past and intend to continue to provide, include Toolbox Parenting Courses, informal parenting and family seminars (on topics such as budgeting, eczema etc), social nights for Mums and family nights where families could relax together in an informal and fun environment.