About Us

Our Vision:
The Family Space exists to support and strengthen families in the community.
With a focus on building relationships, the Family Space:
  • Provides a warm, friendly environment where family life is encouraged and nurtured.
  • Helps people network with other organisations and the wider community.
  • Looks for ways to support, train and equip parents and caregivers.
  • Aims to meet identified needs by running a range of programs & providing practical services for children & adults.
  • Invites families to explore and experience a faith based spirituality with our Gateway Church family next door - all are welcome. 

Our Mission:  

The Family Space seeks to:

  • Support families to do their job well, knowing that healthy families are important 
    for growing healthy children.
  • Build families who are healthy, and resilient physically, emotionally, mentally, 
    relationally and spiritually.
  • Accept and support families in whatever shape they may come, believing that families are those people who choose to connect together and call themselves a 'family'.
  • Build fences at the top of the cliff and provide ambulances at the bottom, 
    for families in our community.
Our Team:

Playgroup Coordinator:  Karen Fergusson

Fundraising Manager: Susan Clare

Financial Manager: Matthew Blair

Cleaner: Leanne Churms

Our Governance:
The Family Space Trust Board:
· Chrissie Edwards  
· Rosemary Sutton - 388 8796

· Phil Coates - 388 6535
Feel free to contact one of us if you have any questions about The Family Space.

The Board meets monthly.  Please contact any of the Board if you wish to raise an issue for them to discuss.